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Barry Craske

14 - 20 December 2022

Born in Norfolk, Barry Craske is a London based photographer. His passion for photography first drew him to the fashion industry, which remains, to this day, his main vocation. Travelling the world for his career, there was an instant admiration for the locations in which he was shooting, a compulsion to explore his surroundings, often at dawn. He soon began travelling beyond these assigned sites, to unexplored countries where he could immerse himself in the landscape. This communion with these grand scenes brought him an expected sense of serenity and belonging, in times of anxiety. /LAND a narrative of 22 images and his first show, was born from a necessity for self-exploration and discovery.

"For this body of work, I was drawn to places where I could reflect and reset. It was by immersing myself in these bleak, beautiful landscapes that I was able to look inward and find clarity, subsequently using photography to record the narrative. Choosing not to disclose where the images were taken is entirely deliberate; by keeping locations from the viewer, I invite them to find meaning within the images, as much as view the work itself.

/LAND has been a wholly cathartic practice, a space where the images can speak to the observer, welcome them into my world and begin telling my story. Recent photographic trends, such as drone landscape photography often feel like an assault against the images and the practices that I so admire. Beautiful images they may well be, but unless that camera sits in front of your eye, it is not your story those images are telling."

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