Julia Noble

11/06/19 - 16/06/19

A Thousand Sunsets

Julia received her BA in Fine Art from The Cass School of Art and Design, London and she lives and works in London. Her first solo show was at the H Club, Covent Garden and she has also exhibited at the Highgate Gallery. Julia frequently puts on pop-up exhibitions such as this one and she lives and works in London.

Julia Noble presents her new series of work “A Thousand Sunsets” that has been created using a simple line drawing based on the setting sun over a body of water that she witnessed last summer in Ibiza. The drawings are based on an imperfect line and an imperfect circle. The repeat forms symbolise the daily occurrence of the setting sun – a sight that people flock to see as a wonder all over the world, a phenomena that despite the current turmoil brings us together and inspires wonder. A simple event that happens every day but that it is different each time. Julia’s works are joyous uplifting abstracts aimed to transport and transfix the viewer. She likes to create work that from a distance looks like a painting but when you inspect it closer it is not what it seems. Julia would describe herself as a process colourist. Inspired by artists such as Klee, Matisse and Picasso her works are usually large scale, multi layered and developed through a series of processes and rules that she sets for herself and with a limited colour palette for each work. Julia starts with a line drawing that she works into with colour, then some of the works are stitched into with a sewing machine, disrupting the surface and using the stitch as line, before they are worked into again with another layer of colour. The final outcome is determined by the processes and colours and is not pre-planned. Julia is particularly interested in colour and the way that the placement of colours relative to each other impacts on the feel or mood of a work. All of the works are on paper and Julia uses Japanese paper because of its colour and fabric like qualities.