Allesio Tonato

21 - 24 November 2019

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Alessio is a self-taught abstract visual artist and a psychotherapist.
Through his practice in Gestalt therapy he works in depth with emotions, and what Frederick Perls called "aggression".  Growing up in an environment full of rules and restrictions he often had to repress his creative energy.
This life force that we repress and turn inwards since childhood in order to be accepted and feel safe in the environment we were, when revived helps us take action to create motion.
Now Alessio explores this energy in acrylic paintings or watercolors pieces.
His body of work is evolving, mainly, around emotional expression through abstract painting and “action painting”. 

Influenced from what came out of the end of the 20th Century by the likes of CY Twombly, Joseph Albers, Karrel Appel, and
Jackson Pollock.
He travelled around the world to see the masterpieces of the most influential and ground breaking abstract painters, expressionists and experimental artists of all kinds in order to get inspired from their creations, their philosophy and their lives.
This resulted in different techniques he now uses.
The purpose of his work in the studio is to capture and express the soul of the places he lives in and his own, happening together at that specific moment and space in time.

Instagram: @alessio_tonato