Barbara Safronova

03/01/19 - 10/01/19

Bursting out of the Plastic World

Barbara is a contemporary artist based in London. While studying at Central Saint Martins, Barbara began to enter worldwide art competitions, two of which, ‘Traditions of India’ and ‘Bible Stories’ she has recently won. As one of the prizes, Barbara’s work, along with several other artists has been on tour across 35 countries including Israel, Russia and Germany. Barbara has had several solo exhibitions around London, and her work was recently showcased at the popular dining spot, MNKY HSE in Mayfair. Barbara’s pop art style artwork draws attention to the exclusivity of luxury. Her artwork is full of symbols which catch the eye and link to motifs similar to ones shown in contemporary advertising, fashion, pop culture and music. Every painting has a certain dose of humor which i.e. highlights increased social media addiction, cryptocurrencies and money chasing. Barbara’s art is loud, almost shouting as it aims to bust out of a plastic world and manifests itself into its own era of energy. The temptations shown in her work are seemingly irresistible to the modern day consumer, which almost all of us have become.