Silvano Mercuri

31/05/19 - 09/06/19

Meet the Art in London

The artist Silvano Mercuri presents his personal exhibition with works from the last years, by which he reaches a particular visionary intensity. Son of a decorator from Terlizzi (BARI), he discovered his artistic vocation only at a late age (like Pinot Gallizio, the pharmacist from Alba who achieved fame only around the age of sixty). A passion discovered in 2006, after seeing an exhibition, during the Winter Olympics in Turin at the Palafuksas, in Porta Palazzo. There, he was attracted to one of the exposed works, a mattress used as a conceptual work, in synergy with the poetic oft he poor people, so important for the Italian art and, in particular, for Turin, but completely unknown at the time by the artist. An occasional but very significant meeting with the art that quickly led him to express his thoughts throught art. The works are carried out with the available materials, and become works with historical references and social meanings. In the J / M Gallery of Portobello Road London, twenty works will be exhibited that represent the artistic career of Silvano Mercuri, started in 2003, some of which have been exhibited already in Italy and abroad (Turin-Cagliari-Sestriere-Naples-Lisbon Venice etc. etc.) The exhibition is edited by Enza Vita