Karis Yves Knight Designs

23 - 29 August 2021

Voice of Women

The Voice of Women Project

The aim of The V.O.W Project is to share womens voices through my artwork whilst creating an empowering community. The paintings highlight where womens values truly lie within our honest inner beings, expressed beyond the focus which is so often projected onto our outer objectified physical sexual bodies and appearances.

Each painting is named after the subject woman. Highlighting these incredible women’s individuality and our interconnectedness via the choice of a word, that they feel represents their story and context in view of the pieces.

The idea is to empower and inspire other women who have been through similar or parallel experiences so can relate to each other or indeed feel inspired by their stories. In return joining us all in a unique and personal way through the profound shared experiences of womanhood.

Moreover, each woman has chosen a cause to donate 25% of the proceeds earned from their painting and prints, that they feel resonates with or has supported them through their journey.

The V.O.W is about companionship, bringing relatability and solidarity through stories which resonate with spectators subjectively. The call for togetherness and companionship follows tragic incidents such as Sarah Everard, and with the confines of COVID & Lockdown - it is essential women come together stronger than before.

With this process, the hope is to provide a thought provoking perspective and inspirational emotional bond between the spectator and the named woman. The V.O.W community meaningfully grows through this project - with each sale providing a quarter of it’s value to charity.

Original artwork and Limited Edition Prints will be presented along with the subject woman’s profoundly personal handwritten story and a certificate to confirm donations.


Hello, and welcome to my corner of the world wide web. My name is Karis Yves Knight (if you didn’t already realise) and I am an artist based in the heart of bonnie Scotland. Through my artwork, I want to bring a little more good to this world. Through my project The V.O.W (The Voice of Women), I am aiming to introduce women to their fellow human women on this planet. I have realised through my 24 years through my own experiences on this spherical globe that there was/and still is, so much I didn’t understand about what other women are experiencing and have experienced. It is time to introduce ourselves to each other.

So firstly,
hello, women of the world.
Nice to meet you.

My idea began during my third year studying Occupational Therapy in Glasgow. As it was 2020, in the midst of Covid, as I am sure you can imagine this placement was not an easy experience. It made me reflect majorly on my practice. I love humans! I found when working in this role I was not able to engage with people in the way I wanted to, and give them the time they deserved. As I said, this was in the middle of Covid lockdown which had a lot to do with this rush in the hospital at the time. Yet, I just didn’t feel I could still be myself with these humans. The relationship between a therapist and a patient is always going to come with barriers. This all leads to a very special idea.

Moving onto The V.O.W project. With everything I had learned at uni, I realised how amazing and multifaceted we are as humans. This made me reflect on myself, as a woman in this world. I have been so lucky to have grown in a place of rich opportunities. At times I feel guilty about this when there are so many others without. This is why, I need to use my voice to empower others just like me, a woman of the world. It is for this reason that I am so passionate about helping others grow with every inch that I do.