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A Life I Once Had

Lazaros Pasdekis

25 - 31 January 2023

The J/M Gallery is proud to announce an exhibition hosted by Artist Lazaros Pasdekis, running from 25 - 31 Jan 2023 @ J/M Gallery, W11 1LJ

Lazaros Pasdekis is an artist exploring the realms of realism through his signature water-mixed oil paints on canvas. A finalist of Ben Shepherd’s Wildlife Artist of the Year, and a contestant on Sky’s Portrait Artist of the Year - it is fair to assume Pasdekis’ style is not refined to one genre or theme.

As well as his wildlife works and portraits, Pasdekis explores themes of memory loss (and more specifically, dementia). The symbolism of the shoes in Pasdekis’ paintings reminds viewers that although memory and cognition may change, our shoes act as a solid continuity throughout our lives - with memory intact or not. For Pasdekis, shoes provide a constant platform in which to travel, explore and incite new adventures, carrying the wear and tear of time throughout one’s life.

Lazaros Pasdekis’ wildlife work acts as a call to action on extinction and vulnerability. Inspired by ancient Australian Aboriginal pattern art, and religious iconography portraying saints and martyrs, Pasdekis replaces the human element with animals facing extinction. The style of the work is mostly figurative with a predominant presence of gold covering the background. Pasdekis explains, “This is an artistic attempt to emphasise and highlight the true victims of this disaster – the animals – and thus portray them as, in some way, Martyrs of the tragedy”.

A retrospective of Lazaros Pasdekis’ work will take place at the J/M Gallery from 25 - 31 January 2023, showcasing his movement through expression and subject matters. For details on private view attendance, please contact

J/M Gallery | 230 Portobello Road, W11 1LJ |

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