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A Spring Walk

Silvi Schaumloeffel

10 April - 22 April 2024

'A Spring Walk', curated by the Lucinda Dalton Gallery, is Silvi Schaumloeffel's first solo exhibition. Silvi is an expressive contemporary artist whose paintings contain a sense of nature and florals. Her love for lush, rich oil paint shows in the application and the dynamic surfaces of her paintings. They don’t just paint themselves in an obvious way - instead she works and wrestles with them... and sometimes dances with them. While the observations and subsequent expressive marks are very personal, when in front of Silvi’s paintings you are enticed to visually explore, to engage & to identify with the paintings on a personal level.

Silvi paints from sketches and memories, expressing something personal in a bold yet playful way, composing lively, elegant and emotion-filled scenes. She uses a great range of tools along the way, tossing and turning the oil paint, which responds in an honest and lively way. The narrative of the artwork is in the paint itself and laid bare by way of application. Creativity being a process, many painterly decisions are made along the way, all adding to Silvi’s joy of pushing paint and of playing with colour and visual design.

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