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Along the Way

Daniel Ablitt

14 - 26 July 2022

The J/M Gallery is proud to present ‘Along the Way’ by Artist Daniel Ablitt. Presented by Rachel Lartey of Wills Art Warehouse, the exhibition presents an entirely new body of work from the renowned artist. Running from 14 -26 July.

When Daniel observes the landscape, he does not set out to record a likeness of a particular location, but rather seeks to engage with the profound effect it can have in experiencing it. Inspired by recollections of his childhood and travels, Daniel’s paintings depict part-remembered, part-imagined places and narratives in subtly melancholic and intimate scenes. Seeking to engage with the profound effects that certain locations have on us, from nostalgia and comfort to awe and mystery - he draws the viewer into familiar yet dreamlike worlds. Reassuring glowing lights juxtaposed with a dark, brooding atmosphere bring a sense of tension to many of his scenes.

During the painting process, he adds layer upon layer of glazes and washes, the pigment sinking into the surface, giving a heightened intensity of colour. His light brushwork bringing to life tiny details such as lanterns and starlight. The result being that each painting can be experienced as conversation of colour, light and form.

Daniel’s works often feature a very small human figure or two to emphasise the scale of their surroundings and prompt the viewer to reflect on their place in the world. “The placing of a solitary figure or a mysterious group in the landscape provides a focal point and adds a narrative aspect to the work,” he says. “These pieces often have a magical, fairytale quality and can leave the viewer with more questions than answers.” The figures also offer a glimpse of an intimate moment and invite us into a world of new, imagined possibilities.

Wills Art Warehouse is a gallery in Richmond, founded in 1996. Managed by Rachel Lartey, they represent a diverse range of artists and exhibit frequently in-house, at gallery spaces, and art fairs.

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