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Art Fiction Vol. II

BBprojecTT Art

7 - 13 December 2022

Vibrant Istanbul gallery ‘BBprojecTT Art’ have brought a handful of Turkish works to our gallery on 230 Portobello Road. Titled ‘Art Fiction Vol. II’ - the exhibition states there is no theme, but a connected energy which the viewer must decipher.

The new generation meta-concept 'Art Fiction Vol II', which brings together the free works of artists without being dependent on a particular theme.

In this exhibition, expect to see the works of Arden, Elif Özal Danışman, Polvo, Semiramis Öner, Senem Erseven, Sümer Erek and Şebnem Diler. ‘Art Fiction Vol. II’ presents a vast range of oil paintings, mixed media paintings and sculptures.

Showing from 7 - 13 December 2022.

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