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Art in Mind

Artist Collective

27 July - 30 July 2023

"We don't stop playing because we get old, we grow old because we stop playing."

The 'Art in Mind' exhibition brings together four unique styles under the shared belief that art is an important commodity - one that keeps us young at heart and bright of mind. Each artist's playful works bring something different and yet complimentary to one another in their co-existence and co-habitation at J/M Gallery. Expect to leave with art in mind.

Maria De Vido, an Eritrean, Italian artist, presents bold and often colourful acrylic and marker images, predominantly inspired by artistic traditions hailing from the African continent. De Vido's work is strikingly beautiful as it pays homage to African women and the diaspora alike. @mariadevido

Pete Nguyen, a Vietnamese, British artist, presents etchings of a slight fantastical, enchanting quality - fairytale-esque. Nguyen's mission to bring awareness around autism is channelled into beautifully profound, yet simple storytelling via drawing. @artisticautisticmind

David Bennison's art explores ethereal and figurative subject matters as he explores dream-scapes that puzzle together to create a fluid narrative. Translating existential ponderings to canvas, Bennison's work is sure to make you think deeply.

Oren Peled is representing Chloe Rox and Dirty Hans through the 'Pickartsso' platform - who specialise in contemporary pop art and urban art inspired prints. Using popular and familiar images and faces, these recognisable figures and images are placed in unexpected contexts, subverting our preconceptions with their uncanny airs. @pickartsso

Opening night is 27 July from 6 pm - 10 pm. Please contact if you are interested in attending.

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