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Art Show

Zaina Al Hizami

10 - 17 January 2022

Zaina Al Hizami is an Arab artist based in the UK. She began her training 7 years ago in Tuscany with various artisans who taught her a range of skillsets: from mosaic to gilding. Somewhere in her time there, Zaina also focused solely on the anatomy of the human eye, as well as the anatomy of the butterfly, as these were major symbols within her paintings. Her years spent with the artisans led her to appreciate the time and skill that age-old craftsmanship takes, and uses them as a springboard to develop her own unique style that combines the traditional with the contemporary.

Zaina’s paintings tend to send viewers into their own layers of depth and wonder. The maze of colours and patterns grabs each viewer differently to the next. Each piece carries its own individual meaning and that is how Zaina loves to interact with her audience, on a very individual and personal level.

“I am self-taught, but wouldn’t have found my rhythm without the help of others I was lucky to have known. My work truly started to evolve after I immersed myself in communities of artists. Each working day had given me a new set of eyes. This ever-evolving lifestyle is reflected in all my paintings. Each one a page from my journal, documenting my emotions.”

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