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Tregony Gallery

1 - 14 February 2023

The J/M Gallery is pleased to host an exhibition by Tregony Gallery titled 'ASSEMBLE:23', running from 1 - 14 February, 2023. W11 1LJ

Continuing their connection between Cornwall and the capital, ‘Assemble:23’ explores the creative parallels between Tregony's roster of artists. Highlighting the push-pull between abstract and figurative art, the exhibition places artists working in fundamentally different ways, but sharing common awareness and sensitivity.

With a strong interest in the traditions of the 20th century, Tregony pulls focus to artists who possess something different in the way they view and describe the world. A new generation of painters and sculptors has emerged from atelier training with technical brilliance and distinct channels of expression.

Tregony Gallery is an artist-run gallery based in the ancient village of Tregony, Cornwall. Over eight years, gallery owners Brian and Judi Green have cultivated an impressive roster of British and International contemporary artists as well as a distinctive program of exhibitions and artists talks, earning them a reputation for presenting exceptional works of art to local visitors, global collectors and media all over the world.

The exhibition runs from the 1 - 14 February at the J/M Gallery, 230 Portobello Road. For information on private views, please contact

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