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Bittersweet खठ्ठा मीठा

Vidushi Gupta & William Clarendon

24 July - 30 July 2024

This exciting art exhibition showcases the collaborative works of Vidushi Gupta and William Clarendon. The two artists, who met during an artist residency in New York, have developed a deep friendship and an enriching professional collaboration that spans across their respective studios in London. This exhibition promises to offer a profound exploration of worldly encounters and emotions through their unique artistic lenses.

Vidushi Gupta is a conceptual artist whose work delves into themes of consumerism and the overlooked elements of daily life. Gupta's art invites viewers to reconsider the familiar, tracing the development and growth of technology and its impact on our environment. Born and raised in the bustling city of Delhi, Gupta pursued her BA and Master's degrees in London, where she continues to live and work. Her intriguing perspective on urban living and the unnoticed details of our surroundings offer a thought-provoking commentary on contemporary life. "I like spotting objects, chance encounters and their relationship with us and the world," Gupta explains.

William Clarendon is a British artist with a strong background in painting. His work is profoundly influenced by Carl Gustav Jung's research on art therapy. Clarendon employs both subconscious and conscious processes to create emotionally charged abstract paintings. His art is a raw expression of his personal experiences with trauma, isolation, and mental health challenges, offering viewers an intimate look into his inner world.

This exhibition not only highlights the distinct styles and thematic preoccupations of Gupta and Clarendon but also showcases their ability to intersect and complement each other’s work. Through a combination of conceptual installations and abstract paintings, visitors will be invited to engage with the artists' exploration of perception and the powerful role of art in personal expression and social commentary.

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