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Black History Month 2021

J/M @The Civic Gallery Kensington & Chelsea

18 October - 18 December 2021

The BHM show marks the long-awaited relaunch of The Civic Gallery at the Kensington & Chelsea Town Hall.

The purpose of the exhibition, to host local talent and organisations during BHM 2021 and celebrate the borough’s diverse heritage. With over half our residents born outside the UK, Kensington and Chelsea is home to communities from all over the world, including European, African, Middle Eastern and Caribbean populations.

Communities have shaped the character of the area and our residents value this diversity. In the absence of this year’s Notting Hill Carnival, representing Black History Month at The Civic Gallery is an important junction to promote the strengths and history of this heritage at the heart of our community.

With community engagement and participation as a priority, showcasing artists working and connected to the borough is a valuable tool to inspire dialogue and promote future networking and resource sharing. This is something at the core of The Civic Gallery and through the BHM exhibition, we hope to begin the process for those participating and posterity.

J/M Gallery will participate in the BHM 2021 show with four artists: Junior Tomlin, Banke Jemiyo, Caroline Chi-Chi Chinakwe and Theophilus Tetteh

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