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Misha Milovanovich

05/05/19 - 12/05/19

Misha Milovanovich presents three new large paintings, two smaller historical works painted while travelling in Cuba in 2005, a series of prints and one sculpture in the form of a playful talisman. The works in mix media on canvas are bright and joyful yet carry a warning. While Misha investigates ideas of beauty, nature, desire she also looks critically at capitalism and it’s effects. This is subtle but intentional protest art. The exuberant and acutely detailed compositions tell a story that belies a surface impression. They speak of beauty yet carry a warning about the vulnerability of nature in a world where capital gain prevails over any instinct to nurture grow and renew. While beautifully painted and constructed these art works also question our relationship to nature and what it’s becoming. This is a vision of the natural world going wrong. They are an evolved representation of natural forms, portraits of nature in a delicate balance of survival. The group of works, all titled BLOOM, are skewed representations of plants, clouds, seascapes and fruit - the timeless subjects of art for thousands of years. What Misha points to is the fact that nature itself is becoming changed, becoming synthetic and poisoned by man. A stranger to us. Therefore representations of nature must change and become un-romanticised if they are to remain relevant. Misha’s work does that while reminding us of what we are destroying and the un-natural forms that lie ahead. Misha Milovanovich received her BA from St Martins in London. Currently living and working in London. Misha is having her first solo museum show at the Palazzo Marchetti, Salina, Sicily, - opening May 2019.

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