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Eternal Youth

Dan Hall

6 - 8 March 2020

Dan Hall: With the help of a GoFundMe campaign and social media, I have created an exhibition, titled ‘Eternal Youth’ which depicts the contrasts and similarities between the young and old at opposite ends of adulthood, focusing on themes of self-reflection. I discovered in their self-consciousness they have different attitudes to beauty but share common themes of loneliness. The profits from the sale of the book and prints will go towards Age UK and Young Minds who both support mental health in the young and elderly.
The show is sponsored by Hahnemühle and Metro Imaging.
The show will be on display at JM Gallery, 230 Portobello Road in London from 6-8th March 2020. The series is all shot on 35mm film because I believe that in a digital age when everyone is recording and documenting every instance and nuance, I prefer the more tactile experience of shooting analogue. Because each frame counts, I am forced to slow down, look harder and measure every moment. I also think that it is important to come and visit the exhibition because everyone is so used to looking at art through a screen. You can connect and gather a proper sense of the depth and emotion in the work when it is in print on the wall.

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