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Folly and Zephyr

Kate Trafeli

18 - 24 January 2023

We are delighted to announce the return of compelling abstractionist Kate Trafeli to the J/M Gallery, for a flash exhibition titled ‘Folly and Zephyr’ - 19-24 Jan, 2023 Showcasing the artists’ nouveau realist, lyrical paintings - Trafeli’s aim for the exhibition is “for viewers to be immersed, to step out of time, fall into a kind of reverie.” Works presented will be in a range of styles and formats (with some as large as 2m), making for a multi-layered experience.

Colour synesthesia, new realism utilising symbols/shapes and visible brushstrokes evoke mood and narrative in Kate Trafeli's works. The fragments visible in her paintings originate out of many avenues: literature and music, architecture, symbolism, memories, place. Her practice is grounded in moments and histories from her own and others’ lives, expressed through abstraction and mark making. Trafeli's paintings seem familiar and yet otherworldly, with the representational components providing touchstones for the viewer while evading definite answers. The resulting ‘story-pictures’ create an immersive environment, a resonance between the viewer and the work.

Kate Trafeli works in colour theory and structure: how colours interact and affect one another combined with composition to make a whole that is mysterious and transporting. The artist explores how we each instinctively relate to colour and shapes strongly and individually. Using traditional media of oil and watercolour, Trafeli’s paintings trace experiences, histories, difficulties, decisions and journeys in jewell tones and a combination of the figurative and abstract.

"The marriage and dissonance of vibrant hues, shapes and composition in my paintings reflect the way I experience the world:  fractured but alive with possibility.  My work comes from a deep emotive place - I want the viewer to feel that, and to be drawn in." 

View ‘Folly and Zephyr’ only at the J/M Gallery from 19-24 Jan 2023. 230 Portobello Road, W11 1LJ

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