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Frame Story

Loulou Bissat

16 - 21 March 2023

Frame Story pays homage to existing and erased places across several neighbourhoods of Beirut.
It is a tribute to ordinary places with extraordinary people.

Loulou Bissat is a French Lebanese interior architect and artist, currently living in London. She was born in 1971 in Beirut, where she spent her childhood, and moved to France in 1984.

While studying Interior Architecture in the South of France, Loulou developed her technical painting skills attending her art teacher's studio in Vieille Antibes, where many artists found inspiration. She continued experimenting with various new techniques over the years, most recently with a multimedia light artist with whom she took part of a collaborative exhibition at National Gallery X. Her ink illustrations are part of a published book.

Being away from her hometown for many years set her on a quest of uncovering stories of places and times she never experienced. The journey back started in 2019.

With a multifaceted career in Interior Architecture, Loulou found her inspiration in Beirut’s architecture; buildings renowned for their architectural charm, their historical significance, the ones designed by famous architects, and notably local landmarks that have stood as silent witnesses to the past. Whilst it was the buildings that revealed the stories of the city, the local culture was reflected in the dialect, the music, and the food.

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