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Charlie Freeman

30 August - 05 September 2023

Album launch meets abstract art. Discover 'FREEDOM' by Freeman.

Anthemic, heartfelt and supremely catchy, Charlie Freeman’s music ‘has an overwhelming contagious quality that is hard to shake off’ (Huffington Post). His Debut album 'Truth', showcasing Freeman’s authentically classic sound, bagged Freeman a BBC featured artist of the week and his 2021 follow up ‘Love’ saw huge critical acclaim.

Brand new album ‘FREEDOM’ has introduced more contemporary production and flourishes to create a very colourful collection of pop/rock anthems dipped in melodic vibes covering 80’s, 90’s, yacht rock, britpop, disco and Americana.

Freeman’s creative work doesn’t stop at music - also an abstract artist, he uses his artworks for his album sleeves and logo. His next art exhibition coincides with the launch of the first single of his new album which takes place at J/M Gallery on 01 September. A night which is bound to be of great times, art, music and celebration of FREEDOM ! Make sure to come down!

‘Freeman is rock and roll of the best kind. Influenced, but not an imitator. Rock is alive.’ Audiofuzz

‘Freeman has it going on. An overwhelming, contagious quality that’s hard to shake off.’ Huffington Post

‘Unstoppable momentum with a promising new album on the way, led by a catchy new single.’ Substream

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