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Inner Colours

Andrew Aarons

15 - 20 September 2022

Inner Colours is a solo exhibition featuring career-expansive Artist Andrew Aarons - held at the J/M Gallery from 15-20 September.

The amicability of Andrew Aaron's practice spans over 60 years, globally exhibiting large installations and process-heavy paintings, leaving his realist-yet-dreamlike imprint across the Western Hemisphere. In his exhibition titled ‘Inner Colours’, the viewer will be taken on a journey alongside the process-adoring artist, revisiting early childhood memories surrounding wartime, whilst breathing a nostalgic effervescence through an amalgamation of realism, abstraction and expressionism.

Andrew’s attraction to recreating feelings associated with memory have shown at various points throughout his career. In 1977, Andrew’s famous installation “A Canadian Bus Station” was exhibited in Canada House, Trafalgar Square. Recreating a bus station, the installation used harmless odours to recreate the smell of diesel. The installation humorously caused guards and staff to refuse to work whilst the exhibition was on, even with health reassurances from Andrew himself.

Andrew Aarons leaves no obvious signpost, metaphors or imagery to decode. The artist stated in an interview: “My work has gone through phases of realism–installations and environments, to a form of expressionism. Inner Colours is to do with the transitory nature of memory. I prefer not to give titles to the paintings but to leave it to the viewers to discover what they find. The images in the paintings are not intended to be of objects. I want the viewer to be reminded of something they recognise but which they have never seen. A paradox. That recognition is then sustained through the paradox.”

From 1959 to the current day, Andrew Aarons has delighted audiences across the international spectrum - managing to surprise the expectant eye every time. His return to exhibiting in 2008 saw a figurative collection named ‘City Life’ adorn a well-known Mayfair gallery. In 2015, Andrew revisited his well-regarded horse paintings, applying an unrestricted abstraction upon his new paper works.

The exhibition will run at the J/M Gallery from 15-20 September, with a private daytime reception on the 15th 12 - 8pm. The exhibition runs from noon - 6pm every day. Sales and enquiries can be made directly to the artist at the gallery, or we can notify them of your interest by sending an email to

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