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Keeping Metres

Jimmy Brimacombe

21 - 24 May 2022

Jimmy Brimmacombe is a photographer and musician based in London who specializes in stark street photography and honest portraiture. Jimmy took his camera to the streets at the start of the first lockdown in March 2020 in an attempt to not spend every minute of the next few months stuck
at home. He cycled from Maida Vale into the city everyday and would jump off his bike in front of scenes worthy of a capture then would quickly cycle off to avoid being questioned by police patrols.

The next year of non-stop shooting transpired into his debut, self-published book, ‘Keeping Metres,’ which was crowd-funded by friends and fans of his work. Each book was sent out individually in August 2021. The projects main creators comprised of Jimmy, graphic designer, Alice Pugini and producer/talent manager, Jordan Pollock. Outside of a few candid shots taken by Jimmy at his place of work, the entirety of ‘Keeping Metres’ was comprised of the first photographs he had taken.

Post-pandemic, Jimmy continues to earnestly create images in the city during his free time while
freelancing and maintaining his day job up the road from J&M Gallery at The Westbourne Tavern. With the pandemic (hopefully) being over in the UK by the time of this exhibition, Jimmy hopes to mark an end to ‘Keeping Metres’ as a project and move on to the next big thing.

Jimmy reflects on his pictures, “I’ve started to see a pattern in my work over the past 2 years. What
started off as essentially independent documentary work has somewhat morphed into my own
artistic self expression. For a while I thought I was taking pictures to pass the time and to document those moments in history, and while that may still be the case, I’ve found myself searching for under-
currents of more visceral themes and emotions within my tones and compositions; trying to come to terms with parts of myself and other parts of life that are darker and somewhat difficult to articulate with words. Because of this, the exhibition will be a mix of covid themes and my own self-expression”.

View the exhibition running from the 21-24 May at the J/M Gallery, London.

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