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Light + Water

Stefan Luszczak

25 October - 31 October 2023

Stefan originally studied sculpture at the Central School of Art and Design in London but gradually moved into print-making and painting. Following early experiments with mono-printing, he added layers of ink, paint and varnish thus creating new textures and depth which lead naturally to him working on canvas. He then made a conscious decision to strip away certain areas of the canvas in order to reveal earlier marks and layers and to show the development of his visual ideas.

Also observing the importance of the juxtaposition of colour, he looked at how it changes when being diffused through water and the landscape. He became interested in how these effects also vary according to the different settings, seasons and the times of the day when he paints. He likes to work from photographs but also out in the Essex and Cambridgeshire countryside near where he lives, particularly painting by secluded rivers and woods.

This exhibition brings together an impressive body of work demonstrating his continuing interest in the depiction of light on landscape and water. This interest has been enhanced by regular visits to County Mayo, Ireland as the changes there throughout the day and seasons have proved even more dramatic to witness and record. His exhibition there was critically acclaimed by the art critic of the Irish Times as a show not to be missed.

The recurring themes in Stefan's work continue to surface in his work as seen in his recent depictions of Brighton Pier, Venice and the River Thames. There are obvious striking contrasts between the misty, pale hues of the Venetian lagoon and canals, the clear, sparking reflections of Irish rivers and the swirling, often muddy waters of the Thames. Architectural forms and structures often also appear in his paintings and create interesting, abstract reflections and added interest, depth and dimensions to the mirrored water below.

Stefan's painting, Blackfriars Bridge was recently selected by the Illuminated River artist, Leo Villareal, for an Art UK online exhibition The Thames Bridges in Light and Colour . Stefan's work appears next to artists like Monet, Turner and Canaletto following in a long tradition of artists who have also been influenced by light and water. Villareal commented that Stefan's painting shows a “wildness in the whirls of water below... balanced with the explosive quality of the electric light above." He chose these artists as they resonated with his designs for the current Illuminated River project, the world's longest public art installation of bridges in London.

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