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Little Stories Big Lives

David Horgan & Lucy Mahon

10 November - 13 November 2023

In a world drowning in images that drip fidelity and realism, there is value in the playful spirit that rekindles our child-like natures and gives us joie de vivre. In celebration of that spirit is an exhibition of new work by London-based artists Lucy Mahon and David Horgan in a November exhibition titled 'Little Stories Big Lives'.

In conjunction with Amelia Maxwell Art Advisory, artists Lucy Mahon and David Horgan have created new work for the exhibition that draws on the stray visuals and overheard conversations of the everyday and suffuses them with the colourful intimacy of a diary or a journal.

While both Mahon and Horgan are sought-after for the invigorating sincerity in their mixed media work there is a balance achieved in the exhibition between Mahon’s lighter and almost nostalgic work and Horgan’s more confrontational social commentary.

A private viewing will take place on 09 November, from 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm. For more information, please contact

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