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Memories in Hindsight

Joanna Pilarczyk, Hannah Nijsten, Tedwongt

24 - 30 January 2022

Joanna Pilarczyk Radecka

Joanna is a London-based contemporary figurative painter and art educator. She was born in 1980 in Gubin, a Polish town on the borders of Germany, and she started painting and drawing at the age of five. She went to Art College in 1995 in Zielona Gora and after five years she was awarded a diploma from the painting faculty. In 2003, she went on to study Visual Arts where she earned her MA degree in Art Education, specialising in oil painting in 2008.
After moving to London 10 years ago from her native Poland, Joanna fell in love with the city immediately. Amazed and entranced by diverse cultures and the vibrant energy, she took her sketchbook everywhere, indiscriminately and discreetly recording people on the streets, in parks and cafes. As she grew more settled, in her new environment, Joanna began to paint oil portraits of new acquaintances and friends within the artist community of North London.
Pilarczyk has exhibited her work nationally and internationally, recently she presented her paintings from 'Intimate Times' series at 'Press Play' group show in Fitzrovia Gallery and at The Other Art Fair in London.
Her paintings has been featured in various global art exhibitions and contemporary art publications as: All She Makes, Create! Magazine, Art Seen, The Huts and Singulart Contemporary Art Collectors Magazine.
Pilarczyk is the finalists of Women United Art Prize 2021.
Joanna's vibrant paintings, a contrast to her earlier work, are from the latest series
‘Intimate Times’ which started during the time of isolation. She says 'In my colourfully
decorated flat filled with plants, and isolated from family and friends, my surroundings and my partner became my only world, more intensely experienced and observed than ever before. My heightened observations led to the creation of these paintings. Much of my work from this time focuses on self-portraits, my relationship with nature, my cats and my husband during this time together, sharing quiet moments without words spoken. I am inspired by life and everything within! I believe living and feeling becomes the greatest inspiration'.
When asked about her art making, Pilarczyk says 'My big pleasure is to observe the light and play with it, find a good composition and translate the reality into painted emotions. I want the viewer to feel the sunlight from my pictures, to enjoy the vibrant colour and the positive atmosphere of a dreamland which I create on the canvas. I like to share a piece of my safe, intimate space where I can still find the inspiration.' @joannapilarczyk

Tedwongt (b.1981)

Tedwongt is a Chinese-American painter born and based in San Francisco, CA. A self-taught artist, his abstractions are a calculated blend of freedom, curiosity and intensity. Curators have described his work as “sophisticated graffiti”.
Expression takes center stage in his work.A very reserved artist, he has trouble expressing his emotions.
He paints with discouragement, fear, determination, happiness, and sadness. He paints everything he wishes he can say, everything he wishes he can do. Painting has become his window to lost thoughts.
-My work has currently been focused on concepts of letting go. I want to take myself out of the equation and have the work flow out organically. I found myself thinking too much about outcomes and not enough about the journey. My aim this year is to capture emotion as opposed to making emotion. I want my work to look natural. To feel real.- @tedwongt

Hannah Nijsten (b.1992)

Hannah is a British artist who explores new techniques that add depth to her paintings both physically and metaphorically, inviting viewers to deeply engage with her works.
She is well known for incorporating the 3 Dimensional effect throughout all of her artworks.
Her latest collection ‘The Black Square Series’ explores the visual representation of the power of unity.
Contemplative repetition and mathematical geometry are key components of Hannah’s minimalist works. However, the physicality of the acrylic, gained through its thick application, creates unique organic lines that contrast with the comprehensive sensibility of the composition.
The play of light, as it reflects off the undulations of the paint, is instrumental in unlocking the calming, meditative qualities of these works. The refined colour palette allows the viewer to focus on the simple power of the symmetry and geometry.
Hannah most recently exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery and has been asked to return in October 2022.

In January 2021 Hannah released a collection alongside her project called ‘Standing With You’. It involved football stars & personalities such as Gary Lineker, Shaun Wright Phillips, Ross Barkley, Anton Ferdinand, Andy Cole and Kieran Gibbs. A project bringing people together to make a stand against racism within the sport where we so regularly hear of racial abuse. @hannahnijsten

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