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Mise en Scène

Olga Stepanian

26 June - 02 July 2024

This solo exhibition, taking place at JM Gallery in London, is Olga Stepanian's first. 'Mise en Scène' offers viewers a glimpse into Olga's vision through the lens, and offers the rewards of such a vividly distinctive eye.

Olga is a photographer born in Kiev who aspired to be a dressmaker. Her first Nikon camera had other ideas, changing the course of her life, so that by the age of twenty-five, she could no longer imagine her life without photography.

From behind the lens, Olga tells stories in black and white, from sad to funny, from thoughtful to cheerful, the main distinguishing feature throughout her work is impeccable style, one sure to stand the test of time.

This exhibition in London will highlight Olga's innovation and unique perspective, as she carefully curates the mise-en-scène of each of her shots, while maintaining a sense of elusive elegance and lightness.

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