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Mother Nature

Amelia Maxwell

10 - 13 March 2023

The synergy between nature and women will be explored at Amelia Maxwell’s new show Mother Nature, where work by British female artists Camilla Perkins, Rachel Bottomley and Edwina Sercombe will be shown. The exhibition will take place during International Women’s Week, between 10-13 March (Private View 9th March) at the J/M Gallery on London’s iconic Portobello Road.

The diverse styles of the three artists are united by the leitmotif of nature seen through a woman’s eyes, how mothers and daughters areinextricably connected to the natural world and their surroundings. There are parallels and differences in their interpretations, with their vibrant use of colour expressing different ways in which the women have found strength and solace in the environment.

The exhibition is curated by Amelia Maxwell, whose art advisory service is focused on championing female artists – identifying the best up-and-coming talent as well as showcasing more established names.

Discussing the exhibition Amelia Maxwell said: “Women have always been closely linked to the natural world – we need look no further than the name Mother Nature to see the connection. In today’s world, appreciating the majesty of nature, with a view to protecting the environment and safeguarding our future, has never been more important and I wanted to explore the role that women continue to play. This is an inspiring exhibition, celebrating not only the three female artists in their own right, but also what they represent as women – which is why it is so important that it’s taking place during International Women’s Week, as well as exploring their role as mothers and the way in which they view the world around them.”

Prices start from £400, with an emphasis on affordable art and the early identification of emerging female talent.

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