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ADL Collective

15 May - 21 May 2024

Artful Dodger London Productions and J/M Gallery invite you to 'Murmuration', a collective act of hope.

Penelope Woolfall, the curator of this event, says: "All of us have long periods of difficulty in our lives where it seems like an interminable winter is upon us and that the darkness of that season will never end. ADL's last exhibition explored that dark period, we spoke visually about feeling isolated and in a dark place. Coming together and knowing that we had all been in that same space gave us strength and understanding in our shared experiences. As we utter, as we create, as we throw forth our humanity onto the gallery walls, I am reminded what is often missing in our world - the ability to work as one to lift each other and to realise we can only ever be as strong as the weakest in our herd. We rise strengthened through the lifting by helping hands... a communal method of our release from suffering... the signs and symbols that lead us... augers and portents of the promise, sometimes soon the light will crystalise and transmute into form."

The gallery will be open daily from 12 pm - 6 pm with late nights until 9 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The header image by @morethanhumanart. For more information, please contact

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