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Misha Milovanovich & Guests

10 January - 16 January 2024

Misha is a Belgrade-born artist living and working in London, who's work has recently featured in an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. She works across several mediums, from sculpture to painting and digital art. Characterised by vivid colour, optical movement and energetic visual cadences, Misha's visual work fuses a diverse repertoire of images and forms.

A cultural polymath, Misha is constantly engaged in observing society and its distortions of desire, lust and attitudes to the body. Traditional techniques have been studied and absorbed and although her work is partly conceptual, its execution always reflects these hard won technical abilities.

In her most recent work, Misha’s unique aesthetics absorbs a network of influences which centres around the primitive and mythology. These are anthropomorphic creations that exude warmth and humour and are a nod to Miro, Picasso, David Smith, Louise Bourgeois and Noguchi. Her work relates to the human condition and our connection with the natural world and ourselves. At the same time, it offers optimism in the face of contemporary absurdity.

Everything connects to her biography, lived experiences, learned techniques, jokes, memories and eulogies. Misha is herself a ‘displaced’ person, having left Serbia for London in her late teens she still carries within her a ‘stranger’s perspective’ and perceives the world as an outsider, someone ever alert to the non-verbal subtleties of communication.

Images from the exhibition "Moving Parts" curated by BEERS Gallery.

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