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Rabbit Hole


10 May - 30 May 2023

Rabbit Hole is for art enthusiasts, tech aficionados, or simply curious people. Join iykyk+ for an immersive art experience that merges the worlds of creativity, technology, and blockchain innovation. Their mission is to provide fun experiences whilst educating and informing their guests about NFTs and the opportunities they present through thought-provoking artwork that bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

About the exhibition:

The exhibition showcases a stunning array of NFT artworks that push boundaries and challenge traditional notions of art. Each piece tells a unique story, weaving together the intricate tapestry of NFTs, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Not only can you see NFT artworks, you can also experience the thrill of minting your own NFT and witness the birth of a digital masterpiece, forever etched on the blockchain. But the exhibition doesn't stop at the digital realm. They've created a few special pieces of physical art that embodies the very essence of the Bitcoin concept. These tangible works intricately blend technology with artistic expression, symbolising a deep admiration for the wonders of the blockchain. Be part of the art revolution and experience the future of creativity at our two-week art exhibition. See you there!

More about iykyk+:

"We are an art organisation which does NFTs, collaborative art and exhibitions.We are living such a special time to be able to witness fast growth of new technology, blockchain/crypto/NFTs/DeFi. New technology has always been laughed at in the beginning. But we believe in the core technology and its potential. We think NFT is a new medium to express creativity. The underlying technology brings new benefits for both artists and collectors. And we are hoping to communicate that through art."

Things they focus on:

Supporting artists to learn and engage with NFTs by collaboration. They pay for the artworks to artists first and share 75% of secondary market sales revenue with the artist, and 100% of the first 10 NFTs sold on marketplaces.

Creating artworks that communicates the ideological ideas of NFTs, Bitcoin, web3 technology, Bitcoin Rabbit Hole , Vending Machine and Eden.

Inspiring hidden talents to create, ignite curiosity and empower individuals with the true potential of NFTs, fostering a genuine interest in harnessing this groundbreaking technology.

"Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven's sake." - Kurt Vonnegut

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