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Salt and Stars

ADL Collective

20 March - 26 March 2024

Artful Dodger London has curated a fascinating show with a host of various artists involved. This exhibition invokes mystery, asking:

What is it that makes us feel human, to feel our humanity, to embody a self? All things that are human are fading away…

Why salt? SALT of the Earth - the grounding element of purity, safety, the taste, the tears, the mood-tides and sanctity. Salt, without which we cannot live, with too much it will kill. Salt, a moody temperament, a measure of a man’s worth.

Why stars? STARS - the elements of the heavens, the unknown, the knowledge of promise, of fear and of mystery. How they lead us in the dark inky night and foretell our fragile existence as though we need to make sense of ourselves by looking skyward into a vast chasm for answers to life's mysteries.

There will be an opportunity to meet the artists on the evenings of 21-23 March, from 6 pm - 9 pm.

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