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Searching for the Light


31 August - 6 September 2022

Mickos, who has previously exhibited at the MoMA in New York, brings an exhibition composed predominantly of paintings that examine the importance of light and colour in bringing out the forms of his practice.
A selection of paintings from the Whitewebbs Park series will be shown. Whitewebbs is a stretch of prehistoric woodland to the north of London - Mickos’ bolthole during the pandemic. Here, he became interested in how the light filtering through the trees defined the forms and sometimes highlighted surprising colours.
The drawings on show are a mixture of the preliminary preparatory works for the paintings and drawings as an end result in themselves. Drawing is one of Mickos’ first loves where the light and form is captured in its rawest sense as tonal divisions. The exhibition's final section is devoted to the Light in a Box sculptures that are a continuation of Mickos’ investigation of the light colours and the form. Mickos is painting with light in its purest sense relying on the light spectrum rather than the pigment spectrum.
The exhibition runs from 31 August – 6 September @ the J/M Gallery, 230 Portobello Road.

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