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Seven for a Secret

ADL Collective

17 July - 23 July 2024

J/M Gallery and ADL Productions invite you to step inside your childhood memories of nursery rhymes and stories which collect us in a single moment of the past, where we play out our fantasies and realise our deepest fears.

Counting magpies is a superstition we have learned over time, through remembering, through the rhythm of the language learned on the knee - of how to be in this dangerous other-world of wild creatures and mystery, where a bird could be a king.

One magpie, for sorrow - the spell only broken when I acknowledge the power of the bird king, of the flock of crows in the macrocarpa, or the entire animal kingdom who graciously allow us to walk safely in this world! Return to childhood, and the magic power of the knowing eyes watching us intently, the cat in her cradle flexing her claws, the watchful eye from the hedgerow shadows, the shallows of the sea and the mystery lying beneath the foaming waves, the understanding on the face of a pet dog when when we tell him our secret stories

This is the latest instalment by ADL at J/M Gallery, which, like each of their exhibitions, explores and unravels a new facet to the story that is being human on Earth. Artful Dodger London Productions is a curator of community based artist collectives, lead by the brilliant PJ Woolfall. This exhibition is the response of the Week 45 Artist Collective to the idea of Seven For a Secret, "where each piece whispers tales of hidden truths and untold stories."

The exhibition will be running from 17 July - 23 July, open from 12 pm - 6 pm each day, with Meet the Artist Lates on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 6 pm to 9 pm.

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