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Linda Bruce

21 June - 27 June 2023

After graduating from the Royal Collage of Art, almost immediately Linda freelanced as a printed textile designer. A decade later she bought David Hockney’s old studio. The light is fantastic and helps her produce around 60 designs each year. Some of her artwork for Osborne & Little (China collection) languishes in the vaults of the Victoria & Albert museum. Patterns she sold decades ago are still
in production - one of which she recently spotted in House & Garden, which had been done for Laura Ashley in the 80’s. Although she is so pleased to her hand-painted designs in glossy magazines,
used in adverts (Thibaut, Jane Churchill, Scalamandre, et al), it is at home painting that still pleases her best.

During Covid19, Linda had time to reflect: "Could I walk away - away from the perpetual nag to produce original patterns for the never- ending appetite of my portfolio? I skulked around the studio and eventually shells, frogs, and then fish swam into view. I became excited by the complexities of their patterns, happily stunned by their pigment glamours and irregular rhythms. So it goes on. I see sensational spots, stripes, zig zags every which way in the natural world. Perhaps I can open other’s eyes to this extravagant beauty?" This moment gave birth to her current exhibition, where she revels in the phenomenal exuberance of pattern shape colour found in creatures great and small. Every stroke is new and raw and by chance. Never repeated.

Private viewing: Thursday 22 June, 18:00 - 20:30. Please contact if interested or for more information.

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