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The Change Within

Amelia Maxwell Art Advisory

10 May - 13 May 2024

Between the year-round presence of produce and our ever-full work calendars, a blindness to the seasons, cycles, and rhythms of nature persists, and we – as part of nature – are in turn blind to ourselves. In 'The Change Within', Amelia Maxwell Art Advisory collects and curates the work of women in the arts to exhibit their work at J/M Gallery, to bring forward the details, patterns, colours, and movement of nature.

And who are these women? Lucy Wayne, who brings out the graphical qualities of flowers and leaves with long and delicate lines and strong silhouettes. Ellen Williams who brings to mind the staining and sporadic elements of flora in bloom almost to an abstracting degree. Lisa Hardy, who closely examines through an emotive lens the moody colours and soft light in paintings that immerse one in the pre-dawn mists that blanket our days. Natalia Bagniewska, who seems to journal flora in the domestic setting that is steeped in bright vivant colours and shapes that verge on the child-like. Hannah Rollings who takes a surrealist’s approach to colour in the unruly and sweeping landscapes that burst out of the confines of where one thing might end and another begins. Sophie Daffern, who has a keen eye for patterns and intricacies in the flowers and vases she depicts. Jo Rance, whose work on the seasonal changes in her local countryside takes pastel tones and acidic tones that verge on the psychedelic.

It is through their work about the flourishing and decay of nature, the representation of the contours and colours of the landscapes that shift beneath us, that we get an introspective look into how these artists witness their own place in the world, and highlight the push and pull we feel within.

The private viewing will be on Thursday the 09 May between 6.30 pm - 9 pm. The exhibition will be open to the public from the Friday 10 May and close on Monday 13 May. For more information, please contact

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