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The Return of Your Imaginary Friend in High Resolution

Jonathan St Void & VR Galleries

15 - 30 April 2022

Creator of the Punkristocracy movement - artist Jonathan St. Void returns to the exhibition space with a solo show titled ‘The Return of your Imaginary friend in High Resolution’. Presented by Varvara Roza Galleries from 15-30th April, the exhibition displays an aesthetic selection of works displaying punk and noble themes.

The show runs for over two weeks, and promises an aesthetically textured, geometric-like feast for the eyes. The collection is present with influences of the primordial style of Francis Bacon’s crucifixions and Pope paintings, as well as Keith Haring's pop-art tendencies.

Vegan-crocodile leather, punk canvas pieces, and an array of NFT's are set to adorn the J/M Gallery. The artist produces noble and textured works, dazzling international crowds over the world - and now, Portobello Road.

'Punkristocracy' is the style of work in which St. Void created, and explores his practice within. Heavily influenced by the punk movement of the 1970s in New York and London, he explains: ‘I’ve always been into good manners and presenting yourself well, and nobility above royalty. Aristocracy is a way to behave, not just something you inherit through a bloodline. So I was thinking about the whole aesthetic of my creative output to be a combination of the punk aesthetic and the aristocratic aesthetic, and I created ‘Punkristocracy’."

'The Return of Your Friend in High Resolution'.
15 - 30 April,
J/M Gallery London,
230 Portobello Road,
W11 1LJ

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