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The Sequence of Repetition

Sophie Rushton

20 December 2023

London, December 2023 - 'The Sequence of Repetition', the first public exhibition by artist and textile designer Sophie Rushton, is scheduled to open on Wednesday, 20 December. The exhibition presents a collection of works that explore organic patterns and textile designs. Notably, Sophie collaborated with Bruce Oldfield on the embroidery of Queen Camilla’s coronation gown, demonstrating her ability to merge client preferences with her design skills.

This exhibition reflects Sophie’s background in textiles and embroidery, focusing on the themes of repetition and unconventional patterns. It features a variety of mediums, such as fabrics, canvas, and framed cartridge paper, showcasing a blend of pattern, art, and textile craftsmanship. The works are intended to encourage introspection and engagement from the audience, as well as offering a chance to engage with Sophie's unique artistic vision and her contributions to the field of textile and embroidery art.

Sophie, a graduate of the London College of Fashion (University of The Arts London), has experience in fashion textiles embroidery and interior design, including collaborations with designer Bruce Oldfield. These experiences contributed to her exploration of embroidery and textile design. 'The Sequence of Repetition' is an exhibition that showcases Sophie's artistic journey, combining elements of natural beauty, modern aesthetics, and geometric design. It offers viewers an opportunity to explore the intersections of traditional and contemporary art through the lens of repetition and organic patterns.

The exhibition draws inspiration from natural patterns, influenced by Sophie's studies on nature's five patterns: Spiral, meander, explosion, packing, and branching. It also references works such as Karl Blossfeldt's 'Art Forms in Nature, Second Series' and Phillip Ball's 'Patterns in Nature: Why the Natural World Looks the Way it Does', examining the scientific and aesthetic aspects of natural designs.

The concept of biophilic interior design, which involves incorporating natural elements and organic shapes into interior spaces, is also a point of interest for Sophie. Her work is influenced by interior designer Kelly Wearstler and artist Lucy Naughton, focusing on creating art that is "perfectly imperfect" and authentically organic. Sophie's travels, particularly in Indonesia and her encounters with textiles like Mali mud-cloth and Kasai velvet embroidered raffia cloth from the Kuba people, have also impacted her artistic direction.

The gallery will be open from 10 am - 6 pm and the private view will be from 6 pm - 9 pm. For media inquiries and interview requests can be directed to Sophie at or 07896653019.

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