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The Spring Exhibition

Lucinda Dalton

25 March - 9 April 2022

The J/M Gallery is proud to present ‘The Spring Exhibition’ by Lucinda Dalton Gallery. Showing an exceptionally curated selection of fine contemporary artists, spanning across themes of nature, the sea, spring and urban life - the exhibition is set to be an aesthetic feast on Portobello Road.

Meticulously carved stone fungi and bronze wildlife sculptures are just a hint of what’s on display at the J/M Gallery the next two weeks. Involving paintings, sculpture & ceramics; Lucinda Dalton Gallery is bringing over 15 artists’ work (some of whom which have decorated landmarks including Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Windsor, and the Tower of London).

Sweeping landscapes nest with sea-inspired abstracts, urban interpretations, and are surrounded by monumental sculpture and ceramics; reinstating physicality in to the exhibition environment. Whether it be Melanie Combers prolific earthy-reminiscent textured paintings, or enchanting fungi stone-carvings from Ben Russell - Lucinda Dalton Gallery provides a heightened stimulation of the senses.

Make sure not to miss this exhibition at the J/M Ggallery, 230 Portobello Road, Notting Hill.

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