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Monique Correy

29 November - 05 December 2023

Australian cancer survivor and coveted artist Monique Correy unveils her first London exhibition 'THIRTY'... an age she wasn’t sure she’d make it to.

When the possibility of not making it to thirty becomes a reality, reaching that milestone takes on a whole new significance. Coveted Australian artist and breast cancer survivor, Monique Correy, knows this all too well, as she prepares to launch her first London exhibition, ‘THIRTY'. Within this showcase of art inspired by life in its myriad forms, Monique invites us to explore the profound beauty that emerges when we take the time to truly observe the living world around us.

At the age of twenty-seven, Monique faced a daunting battle against an aggressive form of breast cancer, enduring six months of gruelling chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, and the discovery of a BRCA1 gene mutation. 'THIRTY,' a collection of her favourite artworks, represents Monique's personal and artistic transformation. Reflecting on the exhibition's title, Monique reminisced about a moment during her chemotherapy treatment: "I was on the couch and I felt really sick. I wanted to go for a walk because it was sunny outside but I felt too sick to leave the house. I remember thinking about my life, my job and not wanting to waste it doing the things that didn’t really make me happy... that seemingly ordinary day remains etched in my memory. Regaining my health and turning thirty marked the inception of a new chapter of my life, and all I knew was that art would be my defining motif."

In the two years since, Monique has fearlessly embraced her artistic calling, transitioning into a full-time artist and relocating to the vibrant art scene of London. Monique has exhibited internationally in Spain and in multiple galleries across Australia. Her previous solo exhibitions in her homeland, Australia, were met with resounding success, each one marked by a sold-out opening night, a testament to her art's profound impact and popularity.

The exhibition, 'THIRTY,' is a testimony to the human spirit's power and the boundless possibilities that emerge from life's darkest moments. Set to captivate the London art scene with its poignant narrative and glimpse into the intricate and heartfelt world of Monique Correy's artistic vision.

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