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This Season

Curtis Richard

28 March - 02 April 2024

Curtis Richard is a talented, professional photographer based in Notting Hill. "This Season" is Curtis' first exhibition, and he is thrilled to showcase his work on Notting Hill's very own Portobello Road.

"I print my own work on Hahnemuhle paper, and all of the photographs were captured with my Leica Q2 monochrome. The places I visited were full of friendly, generous individuals with such colourful energy that I felt honoured to capture these photographs in the way that I did. All of my work was completed in the following locations, Mumbai, the Philippines, Cairo, and Abu Dhabi. The photographs are all original and have been gently modified. I've thoroughly loved this process and am thrilled to be able to show and sell my art at the exhibition and online.

Like many individuals around the world, I enjoy taking photographs. I love how it can bring people together, regardless of who they are. The concept of communicating with strangers via photos is pretty interesting and unique in its own way especially when you don’t speak the same language, the amount of times I had to communicate with visuals and hand movements to make these strangers feel at ease with me, so that I could capture their individual essence in a way that I would have otherwise been unable to describe. Photos are powerful because they allow us to share our memories with family, friends, and online communities. It doesn't matter what season or chapter you're in; looking back at images can evoke a wide range of feelings, which is yet another reason I fell in love with photography. I'm self-taught, and the reason I took up a camera in the first place was to capture the moment and enjoy what came out of it.

My life has revolved around photography, which I love doing so much since it allows me to capture the world through my lens. It's not often that I get to allow others into my world, so I make an effort to do so by preserving the moments and pictures that I think have a narrative to tell. Though I don't expect you to be a fan of my art, I hope you can see that every picture I shot had a purpose and that each one that is on display at the exhibition has a backstory. I like to be adaptable and live in the moment, so I don't have a preference for what I love to shoot or style.

I like to use my work to reflect different seasons or chapters of my own life. I provide people the freedom to consider what a picture means to them and why, to share their own narrative, and to connect with my work in any manner they see fit. As I have come to realise over the years, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to photography."

There will be a private view on 29 March at 6 pm. For more information, please contact

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