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Sara Breinlinger, Jenny Fermor & Alice Sheridan

29 May - 04 June 2024

Searching for simplicity; 'Untangled' brings together three contemporary artists who explore themes of open space, editing complex structure and landscape. Discover paintings and collage in a pursuit of simplified abstract form.

Sara Breinlinger: Sara’s paintings emerge from a construction-like process where questions of time, history and memory are always embedded. Her abstract pieces bring into play painted paper fragments that once existed in other works. Archive materials from the past are mixed with the present and form new dialogues and relationships. The surface nuance and subtleties of texture, borne from the materiality of different papers, their weights, finishes and age, bring a rich tactile quality to the works. Compositionally, they often have a “just held togetherness” - precariously balanced but where a tension remains to inform the next generative possibilities. To find out more, visit:

Jenny Fermor: Jenny builds her paintings using a combination of observed structures and spontaneous response as she searches for balance and simplicity. Her work floats somewhere between realism and abstract. Her paintings are influenced by moving to a more southern latitude and her experience of different light and colour intensity. She is drawn to the interaction of sunlight on structure, inspired by a huge archive of images collected both in her hometown of Madrid and whilst travelling. To find out more, visit:

Alice Sheridan: Alice's paintings are driven by a desire to think and feel more expansively in response to the busy world around us. Alice moves intuitively, not scared to obliterate and make mistakes as new combinations are found in the unplanned layers which reveal playful colour combinations. She works between the wall and the floor, using fluid paint which flows and needs to be guided slowly, or worked with quickly, finding simplicity via a complex process. Although not of recognisable places, the paintings feel like inner landscapes and consider if feeling lost or being truly centred might be the same thing. To find out more:

The private view will be held on 30 May from 6 - 8 pm. Opening hours will be from 11 am - 6 pm every other day, with the gallery being closed from 5 pm - 6pm 30 May.

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