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Wish Lush

Kravitz Contemporary

3 - 7 June 2022

Wish Lush addresses the nature of idyll and exquisite pleasures that art history has made familiar. Citing the ‘supernatural glamour of nature’ (H.P. Lovecraft), Wish Lush explores the enchantment with which we experience nature in contemporaneity. Our solastalgia – the existential discomfort brought about by our awareness of the dying natural world – suffuses landscapes, gardens and plant life with weirdness (Mark Fisher), melancholy and longing. Engaging the mythology of plentiful pasts, this group exhibition instead orients itself towards the atmospherics of nature’s rapid disappearance. Complementing this is the classical-Romantic notion of nature morte, a tradition recognised by its arrangements of fruit and cut flowers. Though historically associated with the ephemeral beauty of human life, the transience of nature morte is now laden with portent, carrying with it ideas of non-human agency and our ever-present climate emergency. Representations of the natural world acquire new meaning with the investments and concerns of a new generation of artists, which the group show Wish Lush seeks to explore in its manifold incarnations. In lieu of a curatorial text, Wish Lush will be accompanied by a creative piece of writing responding to the resulting selection of artworks appearing in the show.

In this instalment of Wish Lush Kravitz Contemporary exhibits the work of artists May Hands, Louis Appleby, Ryan Brown, Alfie Rouy, Angus McCrum, Luke Burton, Zoe Carlon, Conor Murgatroyd, Suzy Babington, Ranald Macdonald, Paula Turmina and Joao Alves. As part of the Kravitz Contemporary exchange programme, we are delighted to welcome our partnership with Bricks Gallery, Copenhagen, whose artists Peter Larsen and Sofie Burgaard will also feature in the show.

About Kravitz Contemporary
Kravitz Contemporary is a hybrid contemporary art platform supporting emerging artists by staging
exhibitions and events in London, and through the sale of work. The platform proudly represents emerging artists who have been selected by Kravitz from over 6 years of extensive travel and research conducted across emerging art scenes all over the world. The aim of the project is to bring under-recognised and underrepresented talent to the attention of the next generation of art collectors, whilst fostering collaboration and creativity within the field. Our ethos is to champion diversity, inclusion and equality in everything that we do. This will be reflected in our team and program, and is something we intend to further develop as the project grows.

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