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Woman of Parts

Simone Brewster

07 August - 13 August 2023

With Harpers Bazaar naming it as the must-see exhibition this month. J/M Gallery is proud to present 'Woman of Parts' featuring Simone Brewster.

With recent contributions to the V&A and The Smithsonian, as well as being this years London Design Festival 2023 commission (The Strand), Simone Brewster now brings her unique style back to the J/M Gallery after three years. Her work— a marriage of African and Western visual styles— seamlessly integrates her architectural background to present a concept she's crafted: Intimate Architecture.

The exhibition ‘Woman of Parts’ questions the intimacies and personal relationships with shape and form. Brewster’s work often offers a playfulness to viewers, inviting them to reflect on themes and associations we often attribute to simple shapes. Could these forms connote concepts such as gender, race, or body image? Through this exhibition, attendees are invited to dig deep on their relationship with shape: shapes that echo our cherished memories, evoke our childhood, mirror our natural environment, or resonate with our intimate relationships. Brewster's paintings, far from the constraints of conventional representations, encourage viewers to delve into the familiar yet often unnamed organic shapes that exist beyond definition. Rejecting the idea of using ‘named’ shapes, Brewster underlines the profound familiarity that comes with experiencing these forms, as well as the emotional sentiment, value, and comfort they hold.

With a busy summer, having just launched a three month solo show at NOW Gallery (pictured above) - Simone Brewster returns to J/M Gallery for an intimate, pop-up exhibition. The artist, who exhibited at the J/M as part of a group show three years ago, presents the final pieces from her debut collections Woman in Parts, Transitions and Things I May Never Forget. With an array of paintings as well as a sneak peek into Brewster’s recent work, this small-scale exhibition offers visitors the chance to experience Brewster’s highly regarded intimate language for one week only.

This exhibition is curated by James Marshall, and held in collaboration with J/M Gallery – all of whom (Simone, James and J/M) met at the gallery three years ago. Join us for the opening reception from 6 - 9:30 pm, 08 August 2023 at J/M Gallery, 230 Portobello Road, W11 1LJ.

Image Credit: Charles Emerson

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