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Local Collective / Stigma Room

15 - 30 October 2021

Local Collective x STIGMA is delighted to present a pop-up gallery ‘ZAO TANG 澡堂’.

The curation stems from an on-going exploration of the intersection between Asian identity and feminism, and the cultural charge of Asian bath houses as a ground for social exchange. ZAO TANG is an open invitation, come and join, let’s sit and chat in the bath.

The exhibition showcases new and recent works by a diverse line-up of six emerging and established artists, through a wide range of media. Opening with Radical Cocktail by Youngsook Choi, an emotional performance piece commemorating the Atlanta shootings; in conversation with a pseudo-fictional narrative Letters to Mr Tadpole originated from One-child Policy by STIGMA; sitting beside Ayumi Kajiwara’s garment that delineates desire and lust; in reflection with Victoria Pham’s video portrait Cô Gái Màu Đỏ which explores and discusses colonised cultural heritage; gathering by The Feast, inside by Yushi Li which reverses the power dynamic of binary gendered gaze; and finally, unwinding beside Snuff Bottle Series, by Hannah Lim that play on the appropriation of Chinese design as a result of Britain’s colonial conquests.

The reception of art is accentuated by the sequence and form of encounter as Local Collective x STIGMA transforms the gallery into a contemporary bath house that interweaves the self, community, and heritage. One and all are invited to step into, connect with the artworks through the bathing ritual.

Join the conversation at this public bathhouse, on view from October 15th until October 30th at Notting Hill, supported by Arts Council England and Malin + Goetz.

IG: @itsalocalcollective / @stigma_room

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