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James Marshall

28 Mar 2022

Featuring: Nomadic Gallerist 'Lucinda Dalton'

The COVID-Born Success Currently Showing on Portobello Road

Three sculptures on show at The Spring Exhibition, by artist Ben Russell
In 2019, mixed emotions weren't uncommon towards nomadic galleries from physical galleries. Mixed emotions soon turned to amazement in 2020 however, when the art world saw the enormous potentiality of utilising social media for sales. The Lucinda Dalton Gallery, who are currently showing at the J/M Gallery, have experienced this revolution from the ground up.
Upon walking in to the exhibition, as high of an aesthetic feast there is, an atmosphere of simplicity comforts the viewer. This welcoming atmosphere allows for an unthreatening view of the creations in place, with something to suit any taste. The expansive range of artists provides an exploration in to the differing styles and individuality, and likens to a private viewing of a luxurious art fair. Decorated with reminiscence of the RA Summer Show, The Spring Exhibition invites Portobello to view exceptionally-practiced 3D oil paintings by Melanie Comber, statue-like bronze from heralded sculptor Hamish Mackie, and chalky abstract seascapes from Pembrokeshire Artist Adam Taylor.

A painting by Melanie Comber on show at The Spring Exhibition, by Lucinda Dalton Gallery

The effects of the pandemic in 2020 saw physical galleries drastically shift to determine suitable online methods of selling their art. With the changes that dealers, collectors and buyers endured due to the temporary departure of their loved physical galleries, Lucinda was able to attract a new market - one which seeks personability, guarantee, and removes threatening sales-focused approaches.

Although working in the past in prestigious mayfair galleries, Lucinda states “I see every step of the process, from the finding the artists to meeting the artists, to selecting work - so I also have that one on one relationship with the clients, which I think was missing in the Mayfair art scene.” Lucinda’s direct and barrier-less approach has allowed her relationship with the art world to reshape, and adapt to the post-COVID nature of selling art.

Owner & Founder Lucinda Dalton at The Spring Exhibition, at the J/M Gallery

With a flurry of red stickers dotted around the range of paintings, sculptures and ceramics: those who may have scoffed at the abilities of selling art through instagram, now witness an awakened possibility. The Lucinda Dalton Gallery realised the possibility in perfect timing, and it seems they’re just getting started.
Visit ‘The Spring Exhibition’ (until 9th April) at the J/M Gallery, 230 Portobello Road.


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